A Dreamscape Retreat: Seeds of the Soul

November, 20th 2021

Saturday, 10a.m-6p.m

The Magic

Set in a garden sanctuary curated to embrace the beauty of nature providing a place for peace with guided immersive sensorial experiences to explore truth, self-love, and balance through the five senses.  A dream place to envision possibilities and conscious connection that can go beyond the five senses to connect to spirit, source, nature, or god.

An intimate gathering for creative connection with self and others in rediscovering the joy in living a vibrant and soulful life.  As we transition into fall, we are sowing the seeds of your soul's calling of what's to come in the next year.


Living on and in your soul’s purpose is the practice of Remembrance.  Remembering as a ritual for exploration and experiences in creating a spaciousness to listen and receive messages of your deep ancient truths.  Dreamscape is a vessel and fertile ground for your soul’s seeds to thrive. It can start with having an intentional community.  We're choosing to co-create this vessel to be in a community to speak your dreams or vision to the world, to be held in a brave and safe space, and contribute to building the world you want. We hold space to provide pathways in getting clear on your dreams and activating them.

A dream escape into a hidden garden in Albany, California, a curated experience to feel inspired by the beauty of nature and sensorial experiences.

Breaking bread with a delicious vegetarian(vegan option) meal, Women’s Circle, Yoga practice, Tea Room Workshop (Gong Fu Cha Style), Massage*, Outdoor Bath Soaks*, space for reflection + inquiry, and a chance to connect to other beautiful souls.

*Add on Services with limited availability




You’ll ease into the day soaking up the elements of the earth with a practice of being present in tapping into the senses. Start the day with a Women’s Circle with a guided discussion of Seeds of the Soul + Journaling + Sharing.

A dream place to envision possibilities and conscious connection.

The seeds of your soul hold their potential, it’s about choosing what you want to grow. It’s having conversations with your dreams and giving them a voice.

Transitioning to a morning Yoga practice + Meditation grounding you before the rest of the day’s play + rest.



An in-person gathering for creative connection with self and others in re-discovering your authenticity as an antidote to overstimulation or disconnection from parts of yourself.

Rituals of bringing you back to wholeness.

A practice of being in remembrance of your essence in embodying joy, abundance, beauty, love, and liberation.


This sacred offering can leave you:  

  • Remembering your divinity, Remembering your wholeness so that you receive clarity of who you want to be, do, and have.

  • Intentional surrendering to ‘what is’ for visions, dreams, and action so you can build self-trust.

  • Foundational rituals/practices of coming home to yourself as pathways to living your truth.

  • Practicing embodiment of wholeness, spiritual vitality.

  • Intimacy to self, breath, love, intention, purpose, and gratitude.

  • Conscious connection to self so that you know your self-worth to contribute your gifts to the world.

  • Building community and right relationships with self, others, and the earth is a reflection of how you show up for yourself.




Hosted by

Saturn’s Moon Botanicals +Living Heart Bodywork

Tea Workshop by Angelique Talhourne

Dirty Mermaid Beauty

Yoga Flow by

Krystle Flynn of Pink Salt Wellness

Our mini retreat capacity is limited to 5 guests.



By setting aside time to fully acknowledge “simply being,” we can find a little more joy and celebration of life in the present moment. Through mindfully performed rituals, like serving tea, we deepen our connection, sharpen our mind and find a better appreciation of our senses. The tea ritual, therefore, has the extraordinary virtue of introducing into the absurdity of our lives a hint of serene harmony.

This tea workshop will focus on a sensorial experience; emphasizing tea as being much more than a few tea leaves with hot water. Tea is an “art de vivre”. This simple experience of drinking tea can become so much more, by just being present in the moment and aware of your senses. If you drink a cup of tea mindfully, you will see that you will become one with nature, and that is where the peace is.


Through the workshop, You will be introduced to the origins of tea and its values. Participants will learn how just one plant, like the camellia sinensis can create six beautiful colors of teas (white, green, red, blue, black, and yellow). We will go over the subtle nuances of how to prepare the right cup of tea and the harmony of the elements to fully enjoy a sip of tea. Served in a relaxed Chinese-style ceremony, called Gong Fu Cha, which means, “making tea with great skills.” A seasonal and clean tea from sustainable agriculture will be served and participants will be introduced to a sensorial tea tasting experience of their five senses.