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For each session, a choice of 5 custom blend body oils will be offered.

The combination of deep tissue, Swedish, Thai, and acupressure modalities is used to enrich each massage. Using the breath and mindful awareness, the bodywork becomes intuitive.  The session becomes a mindful connection to the receiver within the depths of what they carry within.

With appreciation to each body, individualized sessions are based on the client's needs.  

60/75 min/90min                             


Hot Stones

 A grounding massage ritual with hot stones. The heat of the stones provides the extra benefit to release tension and ease sore and aching muscles.  The energy of the basalt river rocks carries a vibration that provides space for peace, emotional tranquility, and understanding. 

90 minute                                                                    

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Massage

The intention of this session is to have instant relief from some common ailments, such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, and anxiety.  The added benefit of Tumeric and Arnica enhance the healing properties of the CBD oil Massage. 

60 min/ 90mins                        


Women Circles

Offering a monthly gathering space for reflection, inspiration, and conversation. Returning to circle we honor ourselves, we honor other women in our journeys who choose collaboration, cultivate connection, and community. Open to all who identify with the female experience.

2.5 Hours                                              

bath + massage.jpg

Massage + Bathing Ritual

Co-creating with Dirty Mermaid Beauty in offering massage + Open Aire Bath Soak experience in a hidden garden in Albany, CA. 

Price Varies

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a delicate and sacred journey, which should be honored and valued. Providing comfort, relaxation, and sleep to care for the spirit of mothers-to-be are important.


60 minutes/75 min/90 min                                                                                                                   


60-minute sessions $135/$125*

75-minute sessions $145/$135*

90-minute sessions $155/$145*

Pre-natal Massage 60 minutes $145

Pre-natal Massage 75 minutes $155

Pre-natal Massage 90 minutes $165

* Membership Prices

3 series for 60 minutes $375

3 series for 75 minutes $405

3 series for 90 minutes $435

Gift Certificates Available

**Cancellation Policy:  Please give 24-hour notice of any appointment changes or rescheduling.  The full price of the session will be charged for any missed or no-shows within 24 hours**

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