The Love Collective: A Womxn's Circle

Sacred Circle is an ancient tradition that lives in our bones across all cultures.  It is a space to explore, enhance, and develop our relationship to "all that is." 

It acts as an accelerator in deepening our relationship with ourselves and our sisters.

It is a supportive vessel that is rooted in love and empowered by the the collective wisdom of the souls who have been called to sit.

We welcome all who identify with the female experience.  

Join co-creators Rhea Borromeo and Gaby Colletta for an evening of Yoga, conversation, journaling, and ritual to deepen our connection and recognize our unique magic. Each month will we collectively explore a theme in relation to womxnhood and being human.

We begin each session with intention and a 60-minute awareness based movement practice {a blend of mindful vinyasa, yin or restorative yoga}, followed by a sacred circle of ceremony, ritual, and heart-to-heart discussion.


Sessions may include: aromatherapy, ayurveda, art-making, music, poetry, dance, acupuncture, reiki, tarot, mandala creation and other healing arts.



February 9th| Art of Relationship

  • Cultivate mindful communication and connection

  • Explore different ways to communicate and self-express

  • Tune our tools for deep listening

  • Widen understanding of love languages

  • Discover Other as a mirror for Self

  • Acknowledge the deep interconnection of all things.

  • Cultivate inner and outer sanctuaries for relationships to grow

  • Create mood awareness to attract high vibrational relationships

  • Self-care practices that nourishes mind, body, heart, and soul

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