In 2004, I embarked on a spiritual journey in discovering and asking different questions about what my life's purpose is.  With a desire to make a difference in my life's work, the path led me to Massage Therapy, an eye-opening journey of self-understanding,  I developed an awareness of the physical systems of the body and the energy within it. I became a  student of life. 

Sharing the truth of my work in receiving and giving from my heart is the desire to build intentional communities.  I curate experiences and safe spaces for exploring our vulnerabilities and insecurities, providing a supportive vessel for self-inquiry bringing compassion, healing, connection, justice, joy,  creativity, and freedom into the community.  I believe it was the work that chose me to make a difference.

Living Heart's vision is each one of us can recognize and own the responsibility for ourselves first and then to each other to thrive. Invoking the potential of the soul and having the deepest imagination for humanity by harmoniously, collaborating, and innovating together.  We can shift the consciousness of our communities by living through our hearts.


The sessions are embodiment practices, which are essential to deepening or reconnecting to our bodies through the senses to begin navigating and exploring our inner world.

Living Heart Bodywork is committed to an equitable and inclusive practice in building relationships by respecting differences and listening to each other's visions for a just and sustainable world.

Thank you for being part of the journey!



My Story

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