In 2004, I embarked on a spiritual journey to discover what it means of my human existence.  With a desire to make a difference in my life's work, the path led me to to Massage Therapy, an eye opening journey of self understanding,  I developed an awareness of the physical systems of the body and the energy within it. I became a  student of life.

Sharing my journey of well-being my desire is to build an intentional community. This starts by invoking, inquiring, and having an inner dialogue with self, exploring the body as a vessel of your emotions. As the conversation expands, you can create the connection with mind, body, spirit, and heart.  I hold a safe and sacred space in supporting each individual in deepening their spiritual connection in navigating their inner life.


I believe we can heal or transform our external realities by being courageous in our truth by bringing awareness of being present moment by moment.

Living Heart's vision is creating experiences to empower, strengthen, humble, and enlighten each other so we can show up in mindful ways to oneself and to the world.


Together we can shift the consciousness of our communities by living through our hearts.

In the heart of my practice, elements of the earth are used to gradually awaken and subtly energize the mind and the body. Having an active reciprocal relationship with the land, I enrich each session using aromatherapy, coconut oil, herbal infused oils, and healing herbs to heal and nourish you on many levels.


"When we see with the eyes of our heart, all space opens for you." -Rumi.



My Story

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