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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rhea. I first encountered her at a spa in San Francisco. She was so AMAZING! Attentive, incredibly skilled, uplifting, and passionate about her work. I left feeling as if I had a completely new experience. Before, I was just getting “massages”. After seeing Rhea, I finally understood what bodywork was. I followed her to the East Bay to Living Heart Bodywork...and will always be glad that I did. I recommend her services with the highest enthusiasm.

-Nina S. 

Massage with Rhea is a truly healing experience. She not only checks in before and after sessions to see how you are feeling and what your needs are but also ensures that you are feeling safe and comfortable throughout the session. She is a compassionate and intuitive healer, and her sessions guide one's body, mind, and spirit into a natural state of balance. 

-April S. 

Rhea possesses a highly developed intuition that allows her to apply her massage therapy with precision in identifying the imbalance that many of us suffer from due to sedentary work environments or lifestyles. 

Aside from being a kind, charming individual, Rhea is a true healer who is a mere 90 minutes, can utterly free the body of blockages to allow for physical and mental renewal. 

I feel so fortunate to have found her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking true massage therapy!

 -Chris T. 

Rhea is a consummate professional.  Her quiet strength is complemented by exceptional attention to detail.  One of my all-time favorite massage therapists.  Passionate, knowledgeable, and a total sweetheart.             

-Josiah P.


"As someone who suffers from the all too typical bodily stresses of working long hours at a computer, Rhea is one of the few who has helped me greatly. For someone who needs a firm therapeutic approach, she augments my session with relaxing techniques that never feel rushed. Her bodywork is comprehensive, intuitive and deliberate. A true professional—Rhea is a naturally skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. Her ability to tailor your session to your needs, while providing helpful tips after you leave her table is something I very much appreciate. I’ve worked with a lot of massage therapists and she is the one I continue to call on." —Gia E., Oakland


Rhea is very skilled and attuned and creates an incredibly integrated and healing experience, even beyond just the work on the table. She seems to effortlessly create space and energy which is profoundly calming and nurturing. And the bodywork itself is some of the best I've experienced, extremely fluid and attuned, with a combination of ease and strength that allows the body to relax and trust it is being taken care of. I will def. be going back!

-Gregory Scott


Rhea is one of the best Massage Therapists that I've worked with within the bay area. She's given me pre-and post-natal massage as well as therapeutic massage for everyday aches and pains. She gives excellent deep tissue work and has even worked on my 68-year-old mother with a more gentle style. I highly recommend Rhea for massage, you will not regret getting bodywork from her!  -Lisa B

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